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Welcome to the Theatre of the Absurd!

In the darkest corners of the night, where shadows dance with the forbidden, lies the Theatre of the Absurd (TOTA).

A place where the eerie and the extravagant intertwine, beckoning the bravest souls to witness the spectacle.

Watch Theatre of the Absurd (TOTA) Here

Filmed on location in the haunted basement of The Monarch Theater, on the very night of Halloween, this cult classic captures the raw essence of terror and allure. Here, in this gothic haven, artists clad in haunting drag weave tales of horror and allure, challenging the very fabric of reality. They don't just push boundaries—they shatter them, only to stitch them back with threads of dark glamour.

Heed the call of the siren song, echoing from the depths of TOTA. But be warned, for once you enter, there's no turning back. The gothic allure might just consume you, and the horror might be too intoxicating to resist.

Gather your fellow night creatures and step into our realm. But remember, in this theatre, staring might just cost you your soul.

Caution: Not for the mundane or the meek.

Only those with a thirst for the Absurd are worthy.

Watch Theatre of the Absurd (TOTA) Here

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