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Zanele Muholi, born on July 19, 1972, in Umlazi, Durban, is not just an artist but a visual activist. Through their photography, Muholi chronicles the lives of black LGBTQ individuals in South Africa, a country with a complex relationship with LGBTQ rights.Early Life and EducationGrowing up in apartheid-era South Africa, Muholi was acutely aware of the societal prejudices and injustices faced by marginalized communities. This awareness led them to pursue a career in photography. Muholi studied Advanced Photography at the Market Photo Workshop in Newtown, Johannesburg, and later obtained their MFA in Documentary Media from Ryerson University, Toronto.Art as ActivismMuholi's work is a poignant exploration of identity, sexuality, and race. Their series "Faces and Phases" (2006-present) is a collection of portraits of black lesbians and transgender individuals. Through these intimate portraits, Muholi captures the resilience, strength, and beauty of their subjects, challenging the stereotypical representations of black LGBTQ individuals.Another significant series, "Somnyama Ngonyama" (meaning "Hail the Dark Lioness"), features self-portraits of Muholi, where they experiment with different personas and characters. Through these images, Muholi addresses themes of labor, racism, and representation.Legacy and ImpactZanele Muholi's work has been instrumental in bringing visibility to the black LGBTQ community in South Africa. Their photographs not only celebrate the lives of their subjects but also highlight the challenges they face in a society that is still grappling with acceptance.Resources:Zanele Muholi - Official WebsiteTate Modern - Zanele Muholi ExhibitionThe Guardian - Zanele Muholi: 'In My World, Every Human Is Beautiful'Art21 - Zanele MuholiMoMA - Zanele Muholi#CapturingEssence