Pizzeria Bianco

Pizzeria Bianco is a restaurant located in Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in authentic wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza. The restaurant is known for its quality ingredients and traditional preparation techniques, which have earned it a reputation as one of the best pizza restaurants in the United States. The menu features a variety of classic and creative pizza toppings, as well as salads and other Italian dishes. If you're looking for a delicious and authentic pizza experience in Phoenix, Pizzeria Bianco is definitely worth a visit.


When Chris Bianco started the diminutive Pizzeria Bianco inside the back corner of a neighborhood grocery store in 1988, little did he know that he would be such a driving force in the slow food movement and specifically the artisanal pizza front. 

Chris, who won the James Beard Award for Best Chef: Southwest in 2003, helped spawn a generation of independent and artisanal pizzeria’s, lending his advice, wisdom and food philosophies to dozens of fellow chefs and restaurateurs.  

Chef Nancy Silverton, who founded La Brea Bakery and was a co-founder of Pizzeria Mozza, stated in her book The Mozza Cookbook, “If there was any pizza that I did aspire to, it was a pie made by Chris Bianco, whose Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, AZ is a mecca for the pizza obsessed.  When I took a bite of Chris’ pizza, I was speechless.  Eating it turned out to be a life-altering experience.” 

For Chris, the food is a result of his relationships and his intention. Relationships with the farmers, the local producers, his family, customers and staff; and the respect and sincere intentions he approaches his recipes with, as well as the many interpersonal relationships that have influenced his philosophy and who he is.