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Pirouettes and Pride: The Enduring Impact of LGBTQ+ Icons in the Ballet World

LGBTQ+ Figures in Ballet

Throughout history, numerous LGBTQ+ figures have left their mark on the world of ballet. Here are some of the most influential:

  1. Sergei Diaghilev – Founder of the Ballets Russes, one of the most influential ballet companies of the 20th century. While not openly gay in his time, his relationships with several male dancers are well documented. Read more about Sergei Diaghilev Here
  2. Rudolf Nureyev – One of the greatest male ballet dancers of the 20th century. After defecting from the Soviet Union, he became a sensation in the West. He was also known for his relationship with the Danish dancer Erik Bruhn. Read more about Rudolf Nureyev Here
  3. Michael Bennett – A Tony Award-winning choreographer and director best known for the musical "A Chorus Line". Read more about Michael Bennett Here
  4. Alvin Ailey – Founded the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York and created a modern dance style infused with African-American cultural expression. He was openly gay and tragically died from AIDS-related complications. Read more about Alvin Ailey Here
  5. Jerome Robbins – A prolific choreographer who straddled both ballet and Broadway, Robbins was openly bisexual. Read more about Jerome Robbins Here

These figures, among others, have contributed significantly to the world of dance and have helped pave the way for LGBTQ+ acceptance in the arts.

Top Ballet Companies in the World

The "top" ballet companies can be subjective and depend on various criteria, including repertoire, caliber of dancers, history, and international renown. However, traditionally, the following are among the world's leading ballet companies:

  1. Bolshoi Ballet - Moscow, Russia (Founded in 1776) Read more about The Bolshoi Ballet Here
  2. Mariinsky Ballet (formerly Kirov Ballet) - Saint Petersburg, Russia (Founded in 1738) Read more about The Mariinsky Ballet Here
  3. The Royal Ballet - London, England (Founded in 1931 as the Vic-Wells Ballet)
  4. Paris Opera Ballet - Paris, France (Founded in 1669)
  5. New York City Ballet - New York, USA (Founded in 1948)
  6. American Ballet Theatre - New York, USA (Founded in 1939)
  7. La Scala Theatre Ballet - Milan, Italy (Founded in the 18th century)
  8. The National Ballet of Canada - Toronto, Canada (Founded in 1951)
  9. San Francisco Ballet - San Francisco, USA (Founded in 1933)
  10. The Australian Ballet - Melbourne, Australia (Founded in 1962)

It's worth noting that there are many other prestigious companies globally, each contributing to the rich tapestry of the ballet world.

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