Warning Notice

Warning Notice: Risks of Using The Speir BlockChain and SPEIR Coin

Providing liquidity on The Speir BlockChain and utilizing SPEIR Coin carries inherent risks. It is crucial to exercise caution and thoroughly understand these risks before engaging in any transactions or deposits.


Please be aware that the SPEIR Coin smart contract has not yet undergone verification by SlowMist or any third-party security audits. Even if an audit takes place, it does not entirely eliminate the potential risks associated with using SPEIR Coin. Therefore, it is strongly advised not to invest your life savings or assets that you cannot afford to lose, especially when participating as a liquidity provider.

Using The Speir BlockChain:

While using The Speir BlockChain as an exchange user may be relatively less risky than providing liquidity, it is essential to acknowledge that this notice does not constitute financial advice. Users should still exercise prudence and conduct thorough research before engaging in any transactions.

Permanent Loss of a Peg:

In the event that one of the stablecoins in the pool falls significantly below the peg value of 1.0 and does not return to the peg, liquidity providers may experience a permanent loss of their assets. This could result in a substantial reduction in the value of your holdings within that currency.

Please be aware that cryptocurrency investments and liquidity provisions carry inherent risks, and past performance is not indicative of future results. It is crucial to seek professional financial advice and perform due diligence before engaging in any activities involving The Speir BlockChain and SPEIR Coin.